Marketing Software Product Reviews and Tips

If you’re looking to invest in an online marketing course but don’t know whether it is a good investment or not, you should do a search for the product first followed by the word “review.” Many sites offer a review of the product that you might be looking to buy and will explain things like the pros and cons of the product, about the author, any previous products they have launched and sometimes compare it to other products as well.

Small and Major Product Launches

Every day there is a product launch in the internet marketing space. If you take a look at muncheye, you can see the products that are launching. This site separates the Big launches from the less significant ones. It’s mostly for internet marketers that are looking to promote one of these products or it could be a resource too for those looking for some education in a relative field.

Most of the products launching have either to do with video creation software, SEO education, email marketing and so on. There are well over 2000 different software products for video creation alone so you can imagine the amount of choices you have if you are looking for help in creating videos that convert.

Look for Bonuses

Since there are so many review sites out there, the ones that stand out will have a lucrative bonus that is given if you buy the product from that site. Some of these review sites will get a bit ridiculous in their bonuses by offering 10+ of them thinking that more is better. The logic that if you have more bonuses than the ‘other guy’ simply is not a good strategy.

Look for a bonus of value and something related to the product you want to buy. For example if you are looking for a review on a email marketing course and most of the bonuses offer help on SEO, you might not need that. However if there is a bonus on copyrighting, that’s exactly the bonus that you need. It has to match up with what you are going to buy.

A Review Site that Offers Tips

Some of these sites are simply out there to sell you a vendor’s product and make the commission from it. If they offer no other value,  then you have to wonder if the review is authentic. I’ve seen quite a few sites where they slam the product because it’s a terrible buy but will often an alternative. Now, you have to use common sense here because this could just be a diversion tactic to a more expensive product, this a higher commission for the seller. Either way, use your judgement. If the site looks too “salesy”, just move on to a site that offers some free advice that can actually help you. A good example this internet marketing review website. You’ll be more willing to buy from them and feel like it’s more of an exchange for the free advice they gave you.

In Summary

So the next time you get an email from a marketer (you know you’re on a few of these lists!) you should search for a review and bonus on that product.  Rarely will the marketer that owns the product have any bonuses and it won’t cost you any more if you buy from someone else’s link. It’s essentially a no-brainer.