The Importance Of Google Reviews For Your Business


The Importance of Google Reviews For Your Business

Google tends to be the first contact point between a business and a customer. This is because we use it in finding nearby businesses, planning itineraries for an upcoming trip, finding forgotten phone numbers etc. We simply plug in some keywords in Google to assist us with anything of interest. In addition, if we would like to know how two or more businesses compare, we find out the experiences of other individuals via Google. Google reviews is a feature that was launched by Google to allow users directly write reviews on the Google Map listing of a business. These reviews are highly favored thus show up on all relevant results. Google reviews appear with your Google My Business profile. In order for you to see and even respond to any reviews that Google users have left, you are required to claim your Google My Business profile as well as to verify your business.


In local search results, Google reviews get scores and these are rated. The scores have a scale of 1 star to 5 stars and they progress as follows:

5 stars means loved it.

4 stars means liked it.

3 stars means it was okay.

2 stars means disliked it.

1 star means hated it.

Importance of Google reviews

All Google users know all too well that Google reviews are important for good online reputation management because it is affects the health of any business. In any case, Google happens to be the starting point for many online clients who are interested in your business. This means every business should strive for 5 star Google reviews.

The following are some of the reasons why 5-star Google reviews are important for your business with regard to ranking on the Google Map Listings:

i. Enhances brand image

It plays an important role in enhancing the image of your brand. What clients are saying about a business really matters in this online era. Having 5-star Google reviews can help a business to stand out above the competition.

ii.Customer trust

A 5-star Google review can help a business to build credibility and trust. The two are vital factors when it comes to influencing the buying decision of clients. In fact, most customers first consult online reviews before they purchase a product or service.

iii.It can greatly improve search engine results

Google reviews play a crucial role of determining the position of a website with regard to local searches. A 5-star review translates into a high click-through rate, the algorithm will respond positively and place the website at the top section of the results page. This means that it has SEO benefits.

iv.Increased ROI

As earlier mentioned, 5-star Google reviews result in high click throughs and eventually conversions as well as sales.


The above insightful information shows how a business can benefit its Google Map listings from Google reviews. It is important to make the most of Google reviews by having an effective strategy in place. You can do this by asking for reviews at various brand touch points, monitoring the account for your Google My Business for new ratings, responding positively for good reviews and taking further action on testimonials.  Below are examples of some high quality reviews.…………