Web Design: The Importance Of Creating An Experience

When customers walk into your physical storefront, what is the ultimate goal? The answer is either for them to contact a sales rep or complete a sale. The last thing you want is them leaving, and you’ll do what you can as a business to prevent that from happening. For example, your sales staff are trained to engage with every client that comes through your door. If you’re a retail store, you have attractive merchandise and sales flyers set near the front so they don’t have to look around the most interesting, trending products.

Now, what about your website? What happens when people click-through to your home page? Are they welcomed with a handy, relevant information that they might find appealing? Can they locate a contact or booking form? Are they totally lost and confused? Unfortunately for most websites, businesses lean towards the latter once they sit down and take a hard, objective look at their website’s design.

Having a beautiful, attractive website is just part of the picture. Clients will love your website’s design for the first few seconds, they might even take a full three seconds to admire it, but if they can’t find what they’re looking for—location, hours, contact form, product page, etc. etc.—within a couple minutes, they’re going to turn around and walk out that virtual door. What can you do about that? Also you need to be visible on the search engines to get noticed. There are seo manly services available that improves website traffic and search results on the web..

The Digital Experience

You’ve put a lot of thought into your store’s setup. Even if you weren’t approaching it from the marketing mindset of putting everything within reach, it’s happened naturally. There are likely some improvements that can be made, but overall, things are laid out in an orderly fashion. Signs may mark certain items or staff might be positioned right at the front to welcome in your visitors. Chances are, though, you have not put even half the effort into making sure your website is laid out correctly.

In these days where most people will look up a website before ever stepping foot into your business, your website needs to be properly designed. All the elements need to be there, and they need to be obvious. Pin Digital Media seo offers web design solutions and seo services for their clients. Do your staff hide when people walk through the door? Of course not, they’re visible and ready to help. So, where is your contact/help link hidden on your website? Likewise, ask yourself what people are most interested when they walk into your business—do they need to schedule something, ask a question, or find a particular product?

Your web experience should somewhat mirror the thought process that has led to your business being laid out as it is. Keep these things readily accessible and apparent:

  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Map/Location
  • Contact form
  • “Services” and/or “Products” page
  • Our Staff/About Us page

With this information right in front of them in the top and/or side menu, every potential client that visits your website will be that much more ready and able to head to your store front or become a valuable lead for your business.

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